Schools & education programmes

We support the "Girls Education Challenge" through 20 creative learning centres around Kampala, giving over 3,500 girls the opportunity to re-enter mainstream primary schools


Schools & education programmes

The Ugandan government has committed to providing primary education for all children. Though progress is being made, many children in Uganda are still not able to attend these schools for a variety of reasons. Private schools are very common across the country. Many have sprung up in communities where there is not yet a state school.

CRANE has many schools among its member projects. Some are simply day schools, others also provide boarding. These schools have some students who are able to pay fees, but they also accept children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Many seek sponsorship for such children, or look to generate income themselves in order to sustain these free places.

In 2013 CRANE was awarded a very significant grant by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DfID). This is allowing them to address the issue of girls who have dropped out of mainstream education.

The Girls Education Challenge has been met by CRANE through 20 original Creative Learning Centres around Kampala. So far over 3,500 girls have been given the opportunity to ‘catch up’ so they can re-enter mainstream primary school education.

Further grants have been made by DfID to ensure that the girls remain in education through to secondary school. Now we are even seeing some of the original girls returning as teachers.

In 2017, we sent a team of volunteer teachers from South Bucks to these schools.  MAD is delighted to be playing a part in training the teachers at these centres.

We are proud to have partnered with the CRANE network to deliver the help needed in order to make a difference.

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