HIV / AIDS Projects

We support CRANE, who have many projects helping to support orphaned & abandoned children living with HIV / Aids as well as local community education programs


HIV / AIDS Projects

Some of CRANE‘s projects work to change the Ugandan attitude towards HIV/Aids. One residential project offers care and education to orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV/Aids. Located in a slightly more rural setting, it is also striving to be self-sustaining by growing food and keeping a variety of animals.

Another project is based in a local community. It aims to reduce the spread of HIV and aids by educating and informing young people. It also offers support and encouragement to those who are either infected or affected by HIV/Aids.

The project offers care and counselling to affected people in slum areas; they run a youth intervention project which addresses social issues like sexuality and juvenile delinquency; and they run a child care project which offers spiritual, moral, and health education to children in the slums.

We are proud to have partnered with the CRANE network to deliver the help needed in order to make a difference.

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