Crisis pregnancy services 

Crisis pregnancy centres provide a home for teenage girls in their last few months of pregnancy. This is a place where they are safe and not condemned by communities as well as providing a supportive environment to learn life skills


Crisis Pregnancy Services

This campaign supports pregnant teenage girls across Uganda.  In Uganda there is little education about contraception and many young girls fall pregnant in situations where their families cannot or will not support them.

There are crisis pregnancy centres providing a home for such girls who are in the last few months of their pregnancy – a place where they are not condemned or viewed differently, but are among girls in the same situation. They have somewhere safe to stay and the opportunity to make friends.

The girls also receive emotional support and counselling during this time and are taught useful life skills such as cooking and sewing.

During these months staff work to enable the girls to be restored to the care of their families and communities. Where this is not possible, efforts are made to find alternative housing and support for these new mothers.

We are proud to have partnered with the CRANE network to deliver the help needed in order to make a difference.

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