Richard Price

Richard Price is a solicitor from Seer Green. With 30+ years of legal experience, he is responsible for all of MAD’s business management, with particular focus on the farm. He has been a member of the board for 10 years and continues to be a passionate member of the team, supported by his wife, Rosie, and their three adult children.

Ruth Webber

Ruth Webber is responsible for our fundraising. A board member since 2008, she has organised many of our incredible events and continues to network amongst members of the South Bucks community. A trained teacher, she lives in Gerrards Cross and runs a business with her husband, Andrew. They have four children and a grandchild.

Wendy Bicker

Wendy has been on the M.A.D Board since it began and has made several visits to Uganda. Wendy is a Christian who is married with an adult son and daughter. Wendy has four grandchildren. Wendy is a retired headteacher and is currently a Governor of a local school.

Ann Steel

Ann Steel works as an Optometrist practicing largely in a domiciliary setting and has always wanted to combine the practical optometry skills with volunteer work in Africa. So when the opportunity arose to volunteer as part of a MAD team, she jumped at the chance. Ann lives in Gerrards Cross with her husband and her two daughters.

Debbie Duncan

Debbie is a senior nurse lecturer at Queens university Belfast. She is also an author of two text books, 4 books about faith and is writing a series of children’s books.

Debbie is married to Malcolm and they have four grown up children.

In 2010 the whole family went to Uganda for Debbie's 40th birthday. They were able to help at a school running a week long mission. The school was run by a charity Debbie was a trustee of. It was a life changing experience for the entire family and the red dust of Africa has been in her blood since.

Charl Steyn

Charl is our amazing treasurer.

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