We believe everyone can make a difference by


with our actions, words, attitudes & money

Join our mission to make a difference to children living in difficult circumstances thousands of miles away.

MAD was set up over 10 years ago in response to seeing the many needs of young children in Uganda.

We had many questions:

How can we make a difference here in South Bucks?

Can we really change lives in Uganda?

What can I offer?


MAD has achieved extraordinary things in Uganda over the past 10 years with teams of volunteers both here in South Bucks and in Uganda.

 Absolutely every person is able to make a difference every day. 

Be Part Of Our Mission!

You can be part of something local that impacts the lives of children in Uganda. 

We are staffed entirely by volunteers so that all money raised goes directly to the projects in Uganda.


Attend one of our community events.  Each year we run 3-4 events to raise money.


You can give money, volunteer your time or offer your skills or professional services.


Join one of our teams and go to Uganda.  We send teams to Uganda twice a year.


Your support transforms the lives of many children.  Here are the latest projects we are involved with.

Children With Special Needs

This project supports children with physical and mental special needs as well as supporting their families.  There are many parent support groups, drop-in centres, day care and skill training workshops

Schools & Education

We support the "Girls Education Challenge" through 20 creative learning centres around Kampala, giving over 3,500 girls the opportunity to re-enter mainstream primary schools

Crisis Pregnancy Service

Crisis pregnancy centres provide a home for teenage girls in their last few months of pregnancy.  This is a place where they are safe and not condemned by communities as well as providing a supportive environment to learn life skills

HIV / AIDS Projects

We support CRANE, who have many projects helping to support orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV / Aids as well as local community education  programs

Babies Homes

We support homes that take on abandoned babies and toddlers.  These homes try to locate extended families or seek to find foster or adoptive parents for each child

The Farm

MAD started a farm 5 years ago at Kalule, a few miles outside of Kampala.  We created a sustainable program that would provide profits that can be ploughed back into local projects

Would you like to help us TODAY?

£1 goes a long way in Uganda. 

ALL the money you give goes directly to the projects in Uganda.  We are staffed entirely by volunteers.

Don't you just  LOVE  to

hear good news?

We would love to keep in touch and share our success stories with you


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